Wikidot Hall of Fame


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  • We want a place where all contributors to the Wikidot community are given recognition for their work.
  • We want this to be more significant than karma or gold stars.
  • We want this to be fair and to reflect the views of the community rather than any individual.
  • We want to give everyone a clear path to earning the highest accolade, namely a black belt.
  • We want others to be able to rely on these awards, so that a black belt means something serious.

Ideas of how this would work:

  • Anyone can create a 'thanks' for someone else helping them.
  • Creating a 'thanks' gets you at least a white belt (beginner).
  • When appropriate, the existing black belts will award the thanked person with a belt.
  • Each belt is counted: white, yellow, orange, blue, brown, black.
  • New black belts become admins of this site.

Discussion is on the projects forum.

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